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/ October 22, 2013
NYU Band Cuttin’ Horse Is The Rock ‘n’ Roll Group You’ve Been Waiting For

If your life is missing some grungy rock and roll, we’ve got just the band for you. Meet Cuttin’ Horse: composed of three NYU seniors – Nick Duba, Adam Adhiyatma and Chris Ward – this band has been jamming for over three years now and they’ve got it down to a fine art. The boys have played many shows around the New York scene and from their on-stage experience they’ve garnered many funny stories to tell.

A big part of rock and roll is the live show, and they’ve had some crazy things go down. From one band member vomiting on stage (completely sober, that is) to the cops being called at multiple shows, this is a genuine rock ‘n’ roll band. In an era of vibey synth pop, trap beats, and digital mash-ups galore, their musicianship and authenticity is something to appreciate.

Adhiyatma is a jazz guitarist hailing from Singapore who served as an officer in the military before starting his undergraduate career here in the city. He met guitarist and vocalist Duba freshman year when the two were roommates in Brittany Hall. (This is a great example of random roommate pairings leading to something good, which we all know isn’t always the case.) The pair then linked up with drummer Chris Ward (nicknamed Babyman) to create the group that you now know as Cuttin’ Horse.

Their entire first album was written, produced, and self recorded in an NYU dorm room, which is more than we can say we’ve done in those things. When asked about the, ahem, volume of the band’s music, lead singer Nick told us that “Volume makes babies. And alcohol.” (That’s a Keith Richards-esque quote if we’ve ever heard one.)

What’s more, these boys not only play real instruments, they’re also good at it. That’s something that’s becoming rare in a generation where digital natives find themselves drawn away from the five-piece band and buying tickets to the next big EDM show. Why spend more than a hundred dollars to pop some molly and sweat all over a bunch of strangers when Cuttin’ Horse can provide you with just as much fun for a fraction of the cost and accompanying douche-baggery?

Hear them live at their next show, coming up on November 12th at the Delancey, and check out their first album on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. (Pretty good for a dorm-room recording, if we do say so ourselves. Take that, Kanye.)

[image via the band’s Facebook]