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/ October 11, 2013
Get PRINT3D, Learn All About 3D Printing With This New (Almost) Club

In the span of a year, it seems like 3D printing has gone from a nerdy, niche activity to something everyone wants to get his or her hands on. But, if you aren’t quite aware of all the magical things 3D printing can create, you should check this out. You’ll see that through NYU, you can print almost anything.

And now, because our school can sometimes be awesome, NYU students have an opportunity to learn about and use 3D printers on campus with PRINT3D, a club that just filed for All-Square club status on campus. The club aims to give students hands-on access to 3D printing technology and educate them about what the technology can be used for.

“Students currently have no forum for collaborative materials science and engineering projects, particularly one in which the applications of 3D Printing technology are analyzed and utilized,” said Will Cromarty, a CAS senior who is organizing the club. “By creating such a space, PRINT3D @ NYU will open doors to students in a rapidly expanding field of technology. While other universities have begun forming 3D Printing student organizations, NYU has yet to do- we hope to ensure NYU does not fall behind the curve.”

To get a first glimpse at all the hands-on stuff this club has to offer, you can go to their 3D printing lecture tonight. No experience is required, so if you don’t even know what a 3D printer is,  you should go and get in on the trend before you’re out of the loop.

Maybe your Friday night isn’t free because you’re a college kid and like to go out to bars to drink. Don’t worry, you’re not automatically excluded; you can also get involved by joining the Facebook group, and liking the public page. Since the club is still waiting to become official, you can also help the 3D team out by emailing the student activities board and giving PRINT3D some support.

The idea for the club was originally started by Stern junior Vincent Li and it looks to keep growing. They plan to host hack events and work with fellow inventors in the 3D space and maybe even hook members up some tours of 3D printing facilities in the NYC area. They also plan to work with other tech clubs on campus, like [email protected], when they host some future events.

“The 3D Printing market has exploded over the last few years, making personal ownership of 3D Printing possible for the average household,” said Cromarty. “From reprinting broken appliance parts for your home to integrating 3D printed components into engineering projects, consumers have been designing their own experiences.”

Until they are approved, PRINT3D has been hosting technology events and meet-ups with the help of Phi Kappa Sigma, which is a frat on campus that apparently cares about tech and whatnot, which is pretty cool. They pride themselves on being, “Redditors, and we have an awesome mix of programmers, electrical engineers, homebrewers, comic collectors, musicians, writers, artists, scientists, and philosophers that hail from across the globe,” according to a Facebook page.

So, if you’re looking to get involved on campus or if you just have some cool ideas about building things, this may be the club for you. You can hang out with Will, Vincent, Phi Kappa Sigma and others to discover if you’re cut out for the intense world of 3D printing (which you probably are, so don’t be nervous).

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