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/ October 1, 2013
A Day In The Life Of John Sexton As He Learns To Use Instagram

John Sexton: President, dog-owner, man of mystery. We think we know our University President from his cozy Town Hall meetings, his 1,500-word email blasts, and his intimate bear hugs. But how much do we really understand about the man at the top of Bobst?

HashtagNYU, the social media arm of NYU’s Office of Interactive Media wants to help. The social media team has been Instagramming John Sexton all day to give students “a glimpse into his daily life!”

So far we’ve learned that John is trying to rebrand as “Jonathan,” have a salad named after him, and learn how to take a selfie. Here’s our close-reading of A Day In The Life Of Sexton, as we try to determine where the Jonathan ends and the JSex begins.

Sexton and his dog Legs are early risers. The intrepid duo meet up with NYU professor Leslie Greengard and his dog (unnamed) before sunrise — that’s sometime before 7 a.m. Even before the sun rises, JSex is up and rocking Birkenstocks and a Yankees cap.

“My first attempt at a selfie with grad students Erin and Jossie. #JSex #NYU,” the caption reads. Wait, his first selfie? How has anyone held off that long? Screenshot this moment for posterity, because this is history in the making!
Also, can we talk about John Sexton tagging his photos #JSex? We’re kind of into it.

“Chopped salad, aka “The Sexton Salad” here at Volare. #JSex #NYU” John Sexton’s really starting to understand Instagram as he snaps his first picture of food. Can we petition to add the Sexton Salad to the menu at Kimmel?

He’s getting the hang of it! Sexton’s latest selfie — this time with faculty-reviled Board of Trustees Chairman Martin Lipton — shows an improved understanding of cropping techniques: a huge improvement from his first selfie in which only half his face made it onto the screen.

The day is still young, so keep your eye out for new updates from the HashtagNYU Instagram. We’re waiting to see what he does at night.

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