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/ September 17, 2013
Wine Wednesdays At Steinhardt

NYU is a huge school. Because of its enormous nature, great events or clubs often slip under the radar. One such event is what we at NYU Local like to call “Wine Wednesday.” Every other Wednesday at Steinhardt’s Barney Building, there is a free art show, curated and created by many of NYU’s studio art students. This is an opportunity to view a wide variety of student art. And drink free wine.

NYU Steinhardt senior and Studio Art major Mary Anderson works the event. She said that, “Barney’s bi-weekly openings are great. Not only because of the wine and cheese, but also because it brings the rest of the NYU community into our slightly janky but well-loved building to see our art. Studio art is a really small department and is surprisingly not in Tisch, so it’s easy to overlook, but having several openings a month really helps alert people that we’re here and that we’re making art.”

Students love this opportunity to view art made by their classmates. MCC senior Kendall Kleinberg said, “It’s great to see my peers showcase their work in a gallery setting. Every other week talented artists are able to show their friends and family the innovative work they have been creating. I definitely think that more people should be made aware of all the different activities going on at NYU.”

The art pieces and collections vary from week to week, and touch on modern day topics. These pieces narrate what the art world will look like in years to come. What you see in NYU’s gallery today, you may see in Chelsea galleries once graduates start creating alongside New York’s best and brightest artists.

So there’s art, there’s wine, there’s cheese, and there’s conversation every other Wednesday, right here on campus. Tomorrow is the next show, so get your friends together, get your ID, and go to the Barney Building anytime between 5 PM and 7 PM to take part in the merriment, eat some free snacks, and view some great art created by your very own classmates.

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