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/ September 4, 2013
NYJew Local’s Guide To Rosh Hashanah 2013

What’s up, NYJew? Today is Rosh Hashanah (that’s the Jewish New Year, to all you goyim), and the start of the year 5774.

While other schools might get away with hosting one or two religious services and passing out some free challah, this is NYU we’re talking about. With 4,000 undergrad Jews on campus, we’re the most Jewish private school in the country — not to mention the alma mater of Adam Sandler, Woody Allen, and Idina Menzel. Between NYU and NYC, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate. Here are a few of our favorites. Bubbe would be so proud.

Attend Bronfman Center services: The Bronfman Center recognizes that Judaism is hardly one size fits all, which is why they offer a range of High Holiday services. Find the full schedule of Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox services on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday here. Your quality time with the big man upstairs is totally free for students (just order tickets on NYU Ticket Central before you go).

Feast in style: Half the fun of holidays is indulging in all your favorite foods. Head over to the Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life for a 100% free, festive meal complete with all the Rosh Hashanah fixings: brisket, apples and honey, challah, and more. Students from any university can attend, so feel free to bring lots of friends. Just don’t tell Bubbe you’d ever settle for anyone else’s brisket.

Get your groove on: He’Bro, a gay Jewish nightlife organization, will throw a rager called High Homodays Party ‘n Pray. No, we’re not kidding, and yes, it’s probably the most outrageously cool party you’ll ever go to. (Other events include Jewbilee on Christmas Eve and Homotashen for Purim.) If partying with thousands of drunken, gay Jews and bagel-chasers (the official term for goyim with a thing for Nice Jewish Boys, according to He’Bro founder Jayson Littman) sounds like your recipe for fun, register here.

Listen to the shofar: New York is noisy, and NYU in particular is even louder. The holiest sounds you’ve heard this week have probably been blaring street traffic and the loud slam of the door as your roommate sexiles you for the third night in a row. On Thursday at 5 p.m., head over to Central Park to hear the shofar. 5774 has never sounded so good.

Celebrate!: Jews tend to be good sports when it comes to drinking in honor of other cultures. We wear down pints of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, wear our ugliest sweaters to our friends’ Christmas parties, and don sombreros on Cinco de Mayo. Now it’s our turn. Celebrate the New Year with apples and honey-inspired appletinis (or apple jello shots, if you’re feeling particularly rowdy). Alternatively, uphold tradition and pick up a bottle of Manischewitz at Trader Joe’s Wine Shop. L’chaim!

Take a laid-back approach: If you’re feeling a little more Jew-ish than straight-up Jewish, you can take a lax approach to the holiday. Stop by Bagel Bob’s for a schmear and lox, wink at that cute girl wearing a Star of David necklace in class, and watch Fiddler on the Roof (or, let’s be real, Princesses of Long Island) before bed.

Shana tova, everybody. Happy New Year!

Image by the author.