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/ May 16, 2013
Senior Bucket List: [PHOTOS] You’re Leaving New York, Have You Been To 5 Pointz Yet?

Whether you’re graduating and leaving the city for good, or just headed to suburbia for the summer, do something urban and make your state school friends jealous. ¬†McKenzie and Jorge, our in-house Instagram experts, braved the 7 train and headed to LIC, the trendiest hood in Queens. Here, they tested the best ways to exploit 5 Pointz for maximum #instalikes.

You gotta bump up the contrast to make the graffiti pop. Something Jorge, a film major, recommends. Acceptable filters include (but are not limited to) X Pro II, Brannan, and Hefe. Under no circumstances use Toaster, unless your goal is to look like a n00b.

It’s important to interact with your surroundings. And McKenzie is clearly intimidated by the great street art found around here. Use the filter Willow to create a Hitchcockian, horror film vibe. Just don’t use Inkwell. Even though this filter is black and white, it’s just trying too hard, like those freshmen girls waiting in line at Webster Hall. To finish it off, frame your creation before uploading.

Don’t ashamed of a good selfie. You’re at 5 Pointz, so take advantage of it. To show off how much of an NYC biddy you’ve become, crouch down on the street. The angle combined with the art is a perfect humble brag. Use a thugged-out filter like LoFi. It’ll make your face look (almost) as good as the art.

A good group selfie is a classic in itself and doesn’t need any editing. This one has to be #nofilter. We can’t promise you’ll make it to the popular page. But with these tips, you’ll be cooler than the kids instagramming pictures of food.

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