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/ April 5, 2013
[PHOTOS] We Saw Sphinxes & Sprouse Twins At Met’s Annual Elegant Dance

Last night, in a party reminiscent of Blair Waldorf’s high school prom, the 15th annual Elegance Dance reminded the attendees the perks of going to NYU. The event, held in the Egyptian gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, welcomed students, flashy dresses, and countless photo ops beside ancient sphinxes.

The Inter-Residence Hall Council organized the annual dance, which in past years was held in several locations including the TriBeCa Rooftop and a cruise ship along the Hudson River.

Katherine Nemeth, the Assistant College Marketing Coordinator at the MET, saw Elegance as a prime opportunity for the estimated 1,000 students in attendance this year.

“I’ve been working with the NYU IRHC for a while to promote our events,” Nemeth, who also oversees the MET’s College Group, said. “We just really wanted to collaborate together and thought this was a really good opportunity.”

While DJ John Hamilton played outside of the Temple of Dendur, students danced in the center room of the Sackler Wing, surrounded by a river of water on all sides. There were tables of hors d’œuvres with bite-sized grilled cheese, and many students eating off a 5 p.m. pregame given the event’s no-alcohol policy.

Our blessed Sprouse twins were also in attendance. Cole Sprouse, who is studying Archeology, took a surprisingly political stance at this year’s event.

“Most people forget that a lot of these artifacts are stolen and the Metropolitan Museum has, unfortunately, a pretty negative reputation along the antiquities trade of purchasing illegal artifacts,” Sprouse said.

Sprouse went on to mention the importance of finding out about where artifacts come from and how they get to museums around the world. As a past Elegance attendee, however, he did appreciate the overall aesthetics of the place.

“It looks beautiful without a doubt. I always enjoy myself at the Metropolitan,” Sprouse said.

The dance ended at 10 p.m. A line of taxis waited outside the steps of the museum to bring students to their next destination. CAS junior Kassandra Xymena was thankful she got the opportunity to attend.

“Tickets were sold out and I’m so happy I got to go,” Xymena said. “It’s early, so there is still time for another party too.”

<em>Photos by <a href=”“>Hanna Armour</a>.</em>