Former Weather Underground Member And Convicted Felon Now Holds Positions At Columbia, NYU

If you were involved in an infamous robbery that left two cops and a Brinks guard dead, were a part of the Weather Underground radical group, and spent 22 years in prison for felony murder, your next career move would obviously be to teach at Columbia University. Right?

If you’re Kathy Boudin, 69, then the answer is yes. Boudin has been working at the Columbia School of Social work as an adjunct-professor since 2008 and is referred to by as “an excellent teacher who gets incredible evaluations from her students each year.”

The Weather Underground, for all you guys and gals who haven’t been meticulously reviewing your AP U.S. History notes from high school, was a radical left organization that wanted to like, oh, you know, overthrow the government, among other things. If you take a walk down West 11th between Fifth and Sixth, you can see the plaque which demarcates the Greenwich Village Townhouse explosion. Three members of the Weather Underground were instantly killed while developing a bomb filled with nails and dynamite, and the four-story home was instantly leveled.

The same New York Post article also notes that only three students ever “expressed qualms about her criminal background” out of the hundreds she’s taught (We assume it’s due to the fact that Columbia is desperately seeking the edge they lack in most other categories. We can’t all be taught by Questlove, after all).

But before we jump down Columbia’s throat about the “getaway driver in the heist,” we should also note that NYU sorta kinda might have named Boudin the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at the NYU Law School (Wonder if she approves of J. Sex). Just last month, Boudin gave the 19th annual Rose Sheinberg lecture,on “the politics of parole and re-entry.” At least we now know Columbia and NYU are both equal opportunity employers. Cheers!

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  1. Isaac Green says

    So should all ex-cons be unemployed and unsuccessful? Is prison not an avenue for rehabilitation? This article from NYU’s ‘forward thinking’ voice smugly reeks of the ideology that there are people not worth understanding and uses an obnoxious non factual literary voice to suggest that even when someone has proven themselves to be a valuable member of society, their past should still be scrutinized (and only for its violent aspects not for the political issues which motivated them which they probably understand/teach in a civil and successful way now). Only @ NYU.

  2. Mischa Aletta says

    I’ve never heard of Kathy Boudin before but her story sounds very interesting. I just wish there was more information about how she went from spending two decades in the American prison system to being a celebrated educator at two great schools. That doesn’t seem very easy. I will have to google her!

  3. Tom Maher says

    The issue here is not that Kathy Boudin is an ex-con. The issue is that she is an unrepentant terrorist who left nine children fatherless and widowed three women. And she has never apologized for it. There is literally nothing this murderer has to say that any student NYU needs to hear. “Only @ NYU”? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Yes, only at NYU would a terrorist be honored with such a prestigious position.

  4. Tom Maher says

    The issue here is not that NYU honored an ex-con. The issue is that they honored an unrepentant terrorist and cop-killer. She has never apologized to the three wives she widowed and the nine children she left fatherless. As a matter of fact, she believes she didn’t do enough. It is outrageous that NYU is honoring scum like this and anyone who defends it should be forced to answer to the families of the men she murdered.

    And what exactly does “Only @ NYU mean”? Seems to me that “only at NYU” would a radical terrorist be honored with a prestigious position. Radicals are infesting campuses all over the country (see Ayers and Dorhne at Northwestern). It has to stop.

  5. Joe Thomas says

    Tom – Well stated. I do believe people deserve a second chance in life. But her actions go beyond those which should be forgiven. Sorry NYU and Columbia. You missed the point with this one. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist. There should be no place for her in academia.