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/ March 27, 2013
Hawk Cam Is Back For Another Season

Good news for hawk enthusiasts and procrastinators everywhere: the Hawk Cam is back for another season of 1/8 compelling tragicomedy and 7/8 shots of nothing. The senior you had a crush on may have moved home after graduation last spring, but these birds aren’t ready to part with NYU just yet.

You might remember our coverage of the hawks in years past. It appears that the same pair from last year, Bobbie and Rosie, are currently nursing three eggs. City Room, the definitive source for all things Hawk Cam, reports that we can expect these eggs to hatch in early April–that’s, like, next week!

Be sure to start watch the livefeed like a hawk (sorry!) in the upcoming days for a peep into some potentially exciting avian drama. Also, it is time to start thinking of names for the fledglings, which are decided through a vote by viewers of the Hawk Cam. In previous years the names have all been literary allusions: Pip, Boo, and Scout. In the interest of broadening the work from which we draw our allusions, can we suggest something a bit more post-colonial? Maybe Okonkwo? (RIP Chinua Achebe.)

Check back with us here at Local and we’ll keep you updated as the story hatches.


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