After CAS Vote Of No Confidence, Tisch May Be Next

If you’ve been checking NYU Local over the past couple of weeks (or just haven’t been under a rock), you definitely know about the vote of no confidence against President John Sexton. What you might not have realized is that the vote was confined to CAS; only Arts and Science faculty could participate.

While it is still a big deal that the motion passed, ultimately the Board of Trustees determines whether or not Sexton stays or goes. Considering the sweet digs that come with being an administrator at NYU, it isn’t likely that the CAS vote is the resounding condemnation that would unseat JSex. In fact, when the motion of no confidence passed the trustees responded with a resolution of support for him.

This might be about to change. We can now confirm that Tisch is preparing to gauge whether or not their faculty is willing to participate in their own vote of no confidence. As WSN reported, Tisch is beginning discussions about faculty participation in university goverence. “Faculty have been sent all documents on pros and cons on the subject of faculty participation in university governance,” said Tisch professor Awam Amkpa to WSN. “The school will then decide if it wants to take a unanimous electronic vote on the subject.” Amkpa went on to say that she hopes the faculty will come to a decision about where it stands by April.

Another major concern ahead of a Tisch vote is who would be included. Tisch has four kinds of faculty: tenure track, arts professors, teachers, and adjuncts. According to Ampka, only professors that are Tenure Track are “more fully engaged” in University governance. This would mean that though tenure track professors make up only 35% of Tisch’s faculty, they would be the only subset of professors included in the vote; at least that their opinion will be weighed more heavily against the other 65% of Tisch’s faculty.

It looks like with more dissent brewing, Sexton’s headache is far from over.

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  1. Sean P. says

    Also from the WSN article:

    “Mary Campbell, the dean of Tisch, expressed her satisfaction with many of NYU President John Sexton’s initiatives, specifically NYU 2031.

    “Our survival depends on our ability to build an Institute of Performing Arts that permits us to offer professional theater space, real studio space for the work of designers, actors and theater artists, production shops and adequately sized, column-free classrooms with high ceilings,” Campbell said.

    Campbell also said Sexton has made Tisch a priority of the 2031 expansion plan, and many faculty members have shown their support.

    “Over half of our departments have written letters to the Space Priorities Working Group to state their support of the IPA as a part of 2031,” she said.”

    So it’s very possible that this vote could pass in Sexton’s favor.

  2. says

    @Sean – of course the dean expressed support for Sexton – he picked her!

    The Lew scandal and the ballooning amount of information we have concerning top administrators using the school like an ATM have taken this fight to a new place. I’m personally vaguely pro-GNU, at least in some form; think the university needs more space but that 2031 is too big and too expensive. Those two were the seeds of faculty dissent but the timing on this has made it about different and bigger things.

  3. Awam Amkpa says

    I want to offer a quick clarification In response to your recent publication. Tisch School of the Arts, is a unique school charged with delivering a comprehensive education in art training and scholarship. As its elected representative along with others, we recognize ALL of our full-time faculty, regardless of their status, as active citizens of our school who will decide on our role in the university. We eschew any discriminatory rhetoric that seeks to exclude any section of our diverse full time faculty. Our process is unique and we want to ensure its integrity and when appropriate, we will offer the wider university the results of our careful deliberations of faculty governance at our school and wider university.

    Many thanks
    Awam Amkpa
    Senator–Tisch School of the Arts

  4. David Blair says

    To all the supporters of NYU 2031, how do you think that this plan can be paid for without raising tuition, decreasing student aid, or cutting back on worker wages? Instead, maybe NYU should consider that the University is too large rather than its space being too small……