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/ March 14, 2013
What NYU Pays Its Top Earners, And What Most Of Your Professors Make

After all the talk about Jack Lew’s shady bonus and the various financial (and residential!) perks awarded to NYU’s star faculty, we wanted to see how the salary numbers of the university’s elite compared to those of our regular professors–the ones we see in class every week. A statement put together by a group of professors opposed to NYU’s 2031 expansion plan included some numbers we found interesting.

Here’s a basic breakdown: 

What NYU’s top earners make:

Employee Compensation
(via IRS filing for tax year 2010-2011)
John E. Sexton (President) $ 1,476,625
Robert Berne (Executive Vice President for Health) $ 880,587
Michael Alfano (Executive Vice President) $   607,860
David W. McLaughlin (Chief Academic Officer) $ 598,544
Martin Dorph (Chief Financial Officer) $   506,870
Bonnie Brier (Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary of the University) $ 597,727
Jess Benhabib (Economics professor) $   443,833
Andrew Brotman (Chief Clinical Officer) $1,106,788
Robert Grossman (NYU Langone Medical Center Dean and CEO) $3,488,960
Alison Leary (Executive VP for Operations) $   338,807
Rosemarie Loffredo (Treasurer) $   352,492
Tina Surh (Chief Investment Officer) $   690,265
Debra LaMorte (Senior VP for Development and Alumni Affairs) $   533,200
Marilyn McMillan (VP for Information Technology) $   330,516
Vivan S. Lee (Chief Scientific Officer, Vice Dean of Science) $1,165,751
Steven B. Abramson (Vice Dean for Education at NYU Medical) $   746.197
Dafna Bar-Sagi (Vice Dean for Science) $   373.718
Vicki Match Suna (Vice Dean for Real Estate Development) $   680.054
 Michael T. Burke (Corporate Chief Financial Officer) $   960.090
Linda Mills (Vice Chancellor for Global Programs) $   462,539
Annette Johnson (Vice Dean, General Counsel) $   589,573

What your professors make:

Tenured Faculty:   Average Compensation (via Chronicle of Higher Ed)
Full professor (salaries of “star” professors included) $   182,400
Associate professor $   106,100
Assistant professor $   99,700
Non-Tenured Faculty:
Clinical full professor $   114,890
Clinical associate professor $   83,388
Clinical assistant professor $   67,123
Unionized adjunct (who work enough hours to join the adjunct union) A little less than $5,000 per course, or $117.25 per hour, is the union minimum.
Non-union adjunct (who likely work elsewhere too) “Can make as little as $2,500 per course at NYU.” -NYU professors affiliated with FASP.