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/ March 14, 2013
The Seniors At The Tisch Department Of Photography And Imaging Present “Show Two”

The seniors in Tisch’s Photography department have been hard at work putting together their BFA Thesis exhibitions for the better part of this year. “Show Two” is the second of three exhibitions, and contains the work of fifteen graduating seniors. The opening reception is tonight (Thursday March 14) at 6 p.m. There will be free wine for those with ID and crackers and cheese for everyone else.

The show, split between the lobby and eighth floor of Tisch (721 Broadway), includes work from Daniel Akselrad, Erica Dye, Torrie Fox, Margay Kaplan, Elena Kendall, Jai Yoon Lee, Aileen Mitchell, Felicia Powell, Jonno Rattman, Cole Saladino, Dylan Sites, Amy Stoker, Mallika Vora, Andrew White, and Anna Wilson.

The diverse show includes not only still photography but installation, video, and performance art. Amy Stoker is exhibiting the remnants of an American flag she cut up during a two-day endurance performance alongside a video of the event. Her thesis is evidence of the Department of Photography and Imaging’s support for art that transcends the boundaries of the still image. Stoker is not the only one to work in multimedia; Daniel Akselrad’s Weightless consists of still images and audio presented on a mounted and framed iPad and Rob Sobotnik presents a video called How To Become A Better 21st Century Citizen.

Many other seniors present more traditional types of still imagery. Jonno Rattman’s striking black and white images of historical re-enactors evoke Arbus while examining America in a poignant but humorous way. Margay Kaplan’s images highlighting the imperfections of analog photography beautifully highlight current tensions within the medium. Mallika Vora’s series entitled “The Ground is On Wheels” occupies the front windows of 721 Broadway. It’s an elegant but tense exploration of “cultural belonging, womanhood, and class” on a train through India.

One senior commented that the process of creating the exhibition was time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive— but nonetheless very rewarding. The quality of the work on display is a testament to the tremendous amount of work which has gone into every part of the creative process. The opening reception will be held on the 8th floor of 721 Broadway on Thursday at 6pm. The show is on view through April 18.

Lede Photo by Caleb Savage. Photo above by Mallika Vora, from The Ground is On Wheels.