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/ March 5, 2013
New Sorority Kicks Off Year With Masquerade Ball

If you’ve watched any teen drama in the last 10 years, you’ll know that they love a good masquerade ball. Who could forget when Nate kissed Jenny instead of Serena (drama!) or when The Vampire Diaries’ Mystic Falls picked the masked dance theme for one of their many town events when evil twin Katherine was masquerading (get it?) as the main character, Elena.

Everyone is wearing extravagant dresses they usually couldn’t get away with, and you can pretend to be whoever you want. That’s why when the NYU branch of sorority Delta Kappa Delta decided to throw their upcoming masked shindig, we took notice.

Delta Kappa Delta is throwing their major fundraising event this Friday, March 8th, from 8:00-11:00 pm. “Roshni: A Charity Masquerade Ball” will feature “an enchanting night full of music, dancing, Indian food, and phenomenal performances.” For $7 a ticket for NYU students and $10 for non-NYU, dance-goers are promised Indian food, entertainment. Masks will even be provided. So leave your horrifying Sleep No More gear at home.

Entertainment includes a contest for “Best Dressed,” and performances by New York Masti, the premier South Asian female acapella group, and NYU Nasha, NYU’s South Asian dance troupe.

Proceeds will be donated to India Kids. India Kids is an organization that “works to bridge the gap between the 31 million orphaned children in India who are living in brutal, inadequate conditions, giving them a chance at a joyful and successful future.” This organization is currently raising money for their ‘”Higher Education for Commercially Sexually Exploited Women Orphans” project, “in order to provide a college education for children who have lost their mothers due to human trafficking and have spent their childhood in brothels.”

Tickets are available at Ticket Central while they last. Dress up and enjoy a great night of entertainment for a good cause.

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