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/ March 4, 2013
The Official NYU 2013 Senior Bucket List

Seniors, the time is now. Do you want to leave college with regrets? Have you ignored every major New York landmark over these past four years in order to seem like a more “authentic New Yorker?” Do you want to tell your grandkids, “no, no, unfortunately your grammy never did sleep with that T.A.?” Are you hungry for exploration? Do you really need to spend another weekend inside binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix? This is the time to strike. This is the time to be bold and chug that last Brad’s finney. School spirit, something, something.

The seniors of NYU Local have put together the ultimate bucket list for NYU’s class of 2013. Most of us have spent the last four years under our covers blogging in front of the soft glow of our warm laptops — it’s time we got out out the house. We’re going to try to do all of these items by graduation on May 22nd, but we’re not making any promises to finish. Excuse our millennial doubt, but does anyone actually ever accomplish what they want to do in their lives before they die? Whatever, meet us at the Staten Island ferry and don’t be late.

  1. Have sex in Bobst
  2. Go to the Statue of Liberty
  3. See the sunrise on Coney Island
  4. Have dinner with John Sexton
  5. Bike around the entirety of Manhattan
  6. Drink a beer on the Staten Island Ferry
  7. Go to Staten Island
  8. See a taping of Jimmy Fallon/Letterman/Daily Show/Colbert etc.
  9. Go to the Opera
  10. Swim at Palladium
  11. Spend a night at “the club” (I.e. The Jane or something similar)
  12. Smoke on the rooftop of an NYU building
  13. Enjoy the Shabbat at Weinstein (bonus points if you’re a Gentile)
  14. Go to an after hours meal at Union Square IHOP
  15. Hook up with an adjunct
  16. Party with an NYU sorority/fraternity
  17. Climb to the top of the Empire State Building
  18. Streak
  19. Swim in the East River
  20. Dress up as a pro-bono guide in Times Square
  21. Become a subway busker
  22. Organize a campaign to show everyone that the best stairway in Silver is not the one that made people die in the triangle shirtwaist fire
  23. Do an Improv Everywhere event
  24. Head to Costco for 8 hours
  25. Go to one of these fabled “foam parties”
  26. Crash a wedding, for real
  27. Marvel at the giraffes at the Bronx Zoo
  28. Go to City Island
  29. Kayak in the Hudson River
  30. Roll at a rave
  31. Make use of the toplessness law in NYC
  32. Go to the Tuesday night space show in the Hayden Planetarium dome on drugz
  33. Watch any NYU production
  34. Drink with a professor
  35. Exploit 5 Pointz for likes on Instagram
  36. Jump in the WSP fountain
  37. Gamble at an underground ping pong or gambling hall in Chinatown
  38. Buy a table at a meatpacking club and do blow on said table
  39. Whisper into that magic ceiling in Grand Central Station
  40. Take a dump at The Plaza
  41. Go to that Asian massage parlor in union square and get happy endings ($250, massage included)
  42. Take a date on a carriage ride around Central Park
  43. Ride the 7 train to Flushing and get hot pot/Thai food
  44. Sit in a box for a NY sports team home game
  45. Get drunk at the Princeton/Harvard/Yale club(s)
  46. Have a run in with the Russian mafia in coney island/Brighton Beach
  47. Be a newsie and dress up in period garb for just a day
  48. Attend class while drunk
  49. Convince a stranger into giving you a free meal swipe
  50. Revisit your Freshman year room