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/ February 26, 2013
Newly-Opened Jumping Studio Will Give You Laser Shows And A Sick Bod

If you’re looking for a reprieve from the monotony of the treadmill and/or any gym activity, JumpLife Gym could be the answer. With rows of roughly thirty mini-trampolines, throbbing house music, and a laser light show, JumpLife is a gym devoted to mixing (actual) fun with cardio.

Located on Broadway near Canal Street, this TriBeCa haven is just a 10-minute walk from campus. The gym offers both JumpGym and JumpDance classes—each targeting different areas of your workout.

JumpGym is a more conventional class focused on cross training. Participants are given hand-held weights and jump at a lower intensity. There is no light show (so the risk of having a seizure is severely lessened.) One should look to this class for crunches, kicks and squats to tone your physique.

JumpDance, on the other hand, is strictly cardio based. It feels like the owner of Westway decided to put trampolines on a club floor. Multi-colored strobe lights accompany mainstream house music. You’ll jump and kick and sweat and rethink why you’ve waited so long to find this place.

Warning: The classes get full about a week ahead of time. Go on the site and either sign up on the waiting list or reserve space like you would pre-finals rooms in Bobst. There are also monthly specials going on for classes via Groupon and Living Social. Otherwise, prices are as follows for students:

Single class: $24

5 classes: $115

10 classes: $225

For information on its health benefits, click here.

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