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/ February 21, 2013
[PHOTOS] Rockin’ Out at Gallatin’s MusiCouture Fashion Show

Last night was Gallatin’s third annual fashion show, entitled MusiCouture. Since it’s Gallatin, the show’s theme was the interplay of two things that are only kind of correlated: music and fashion. The ten student and alumni designers were encouraged to embrace and interpret this duality in their designs.

We were able to check in with one of the designers, senior Thulasi Sivalingam, who began her journey into fashion in 7th grade, learning how to stencil and screen-print on t-shirts. Her collection “is set to Maurice Ravel’s gorgeous classical composition ‘Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess)’.” Sivalingam used this 18th century to design the collection around: “I imagined how the ladies of the time would have dressed to see such a performance. The collection thus features the decadence and ornamentation of the Renaissance Spanish court in ’60s silhouettes.”

One designer Alex Chernow described her collection precious/metal as being wearable at both a punk rock concert and a classical recital. Her use of long flowing silhouettes in combination with lots of black chiffon made us feel like going to a Sex Pistols show in ball gowns. But we would have to probably stand off to the side (so our hems wouldn’t get stopped on by all the coked up kids with Mohawks, of course).

Another cool collection was by Tamara Leacock. She combined recycled fabrics and natural dies for designs that she called “psychedelic” and had a “free love” feeling. As her models strutted down the runway to pounding Brazilian techno, we were fantasizing about having sex on a beach under a palm tree. Well done.

Tori Holbrook also had a really interesting concept; she designed a collection that was meant to embody the “beauty” and “serenity” of ballerinas. The twist was that the collection was meant to envision what a ballet dancer would wear off the stage. To this end, she used lots of soft silhouettes and muted colors. Had us dreaming of pirouetting and shit.

After the show, they had this fancy reception with white wine and gourmet catering. There were these mini Chinese take out boxes with rice in them, which we found exciting. And, to top all that off, Gallatin gave us free swag bags with all this shit in it, like a really fancy moleskin that’s probably $50 at the bookstore.

So all in all, that was cool of you, Gallatin. We’ll be back next year.

Photos by Maddie Cordoba.