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/ February 21, 2013
Oren’s Daily Roast Is “Crepe-ing” Into Old Crepeaway Space

Oren’s Daily Roast, that infamously cramped campus cafe, is expanding into the old Crepeaway space to create what will look like an entirely new store. Though students mourned the loss of Crepeaway at the end of last year (but not its sidewalk TV screens), it’s unlikely that easier access to caffeine won’t be just as welcome. 

As close as Oren’s is to campus, it’s a store that has long suffered from too little space. An NYU Local rundown of “Best and Worst Coffee Shops On Campus” warned students against “awkward run-ins with teachers.” The line is often out the door, and even more insufferable in extremely hot or cool temperatures.

“There’s always a line, and people waiting,” admitted Chalisse Burrell, assistant manager at Oren’s. She noted that the expansion was “natural,” and that the new space would be able to “accomodate more people and business.” Perhaps the location will now be able to compete with roomier Oren’s branches in the city.

The space has not finished construction, though the storefront has already been claimed by large Oren’s banners [Editor’s Note: This is the most important thing that has happened in the past four years at NYU]. This is one of Oren’s nine stores in the city, and has existed for twenty years; the oldest is on First Avenue and opened in 1986.

Though the space will now almost triple Oren’s size, Burrell warned not to expect “a cafe-style” store anytime soon.

But “there might be a bar area,” she added (think Cafe University.) Though a true cafe on campus — Faye’s almost doesn’t count, as it’s also the busiest Starbucks/non-Starbucks in the city — would be nice, it’s hard to imagine a quiet restaurant directly across from Silver.  

And the expected date of completion for the store?

“Around April,” Burrell said, which is also when the store hopes to open its doors to customers. Until then, you’ll have to suffer through the cold for your “daily roast,” but come summer, you’ll have A/C to look forward to as you wait in a line that doesn’t snake around the block.

And this one goes out to all of the second-semester seniors, who will be graduating just slightly after the highly-anticipated opening.

Photo by Jessica Bernstein.