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/ February 21, 2013
Make Ridiculous NYU-Themed GIFs With Our First Ever Photoshop Kit

We were pretty impressed with the caliber of projects coming from NYU’s top web design program, but it’s time to democratize things a bit. Just for the fun of it, we took all of your favorite NYU things and ran them through the Photoshop machine.

The first-ever NYU Local Photoshop Kit™ contains 14 transparent PNGs ready for generating awesomeness. Put John Sexton on the moon, make a hawk poop on James Franco—whatever you fancy, we just made it possible.

All we ask is that after you make crazy things, you tweet them at us (@NYULocal). Add hashtag #NYULocalGIFs to your tweet and we just might feature them in a future post. But only if they’re only as good as the last bunch.

What’s In It?

Your kit includes classic hits like an NYU dinosaur, the Washington Square arch and an official Pantone purple University flag. Plus, we included NYU’s signature 2031 campus stamp, the perfect addition to any land mass on any planet or surface.

You’ll also get notable NYU celebs James Franco, Sprouse 1 of 2 and Joan Torch from her, umm, previous gig.We’ve also thrown in all those famous non-human NYUers, including your favorite hawk, Housie and that weird mascot we have that looks like a sassy gay bear.

As a special bonus, you’ll get a DIY fake ID card and a really cool image of John Sexton ready to hold… well, anything.

You get it all—the hawk! The football! The Chick-Fil-A sandwich! — just because we love you. So make us proud and tweet your creations at us with #NYUlocalGIFs.

Download it now.