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/ February 12, 2013
How To Sneak Into Fashion Week

Half the fun of NYU is making your friends from home jealous of all the trendy things you do in the city. So why bother paying $60k a year if you can’t even Instagram New York Fashion Week? (Yes, we know, academics… whatever) But we digress. Fashion Week ends this Thursday, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to see the shows at Lincoln Center yet, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Get ready to sneak in.

But security under the tents is cray. You have to make it past two security guards and at least one clipboard-wielding PR girl. Even if you’re lucky enough to get within a hundred feet of the runway, you’ll have to worry about fighting a Real Housewife for a good seat. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to sneak in, but we can give you a few pointers to get started – just don’t call the Fashion Police on us.

Dress the part. We know there’s snow on the ground. That’s no excuse to wear lame shoes. Whatever your style is, push it just a little bit. If you’re a hardcore thrifter, rock that incredible 1960s dress you have no other occasion for. If head-to-toe black is your thing, go for killer accessories to stand out from the crowd. No publicist will think you belong in standing room only, much less the front row, if you roll in wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Don’t push your luck. You have a better chance of enjoying Writing the Essay than you do sneaking into the Michael Kors show on Wednesday. The major shows have fortress-like security; you won’t get in without an invitation. Unless you’re willing to commit fraud to get your hands on a ticket, you’re better off starting with the smaller shows.

Meet a “friend” inside. There are usually two security guards at the entrance to the tents. They will probably ask to see your ticket. You can try to avoid this by slipping into a group of people and walking by confidently. If you get stopped, tell them the other guard let you in earlier that day and you just need to go meet your friend inside to pick up your ticket. Confidence is key: maintain eye contact, don’t look desperate. Theater majors, don’t use this opportunity to practice your fake cry – unless, of course, it’s a chance to see Anna Wintour and Kanye.

You “forgot” your invitation. Once you’ve made it past the first security guard, you’re supposed to stop at the ticket kiosk to print out your ticket. Instead, head straight to the gaggle of PR girls and let them know you should be on the list but don’t have your invitation. Again, confidence is key – but so is politeness. Don’t get angry or make a scene if they don’t immediately grant you access. If they seem on the fence about letting you in, ask for standing room.

Once inside… Once you’re inside the theater, find an open seat and sit down. Fast. Seats are assigned, so you may be booted out – but the farther back you try to sit, the more likely you are to keep your seat. And even if you can’t get a seat, be sure to grab the leftover swag bag from some socialite’s seat on your way out.

If all else fails, fake it. Linger outside Lincoln Center and get snapped by street style bloggers, because isn’t that really the whole point, anyways? Tag a few tweets with #NYFW and casually complain about how your arms kill from carrying so many swag bags. (Don’t even get started on how heavy your Céline tote is. Ugh, you totally want to die. Fashion Week is so hard.)

Congrats, you made it! Don’t forget to pick up your free champagne in the VIP Lounge on your way out.

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