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/ February 8, 2013
Local Stops: Crazy Ex-Gays, George Bush Is The New Bob Ross, And Vampires

—The Awl recaps this week’s winners and losers of the NYC mayoral race.

—There’s an interview with a modern-day, vampire living (undying?) in NYC (Valencia Reyes, is that you?) coming out next month.

—Exposed: Former President George Bush is an accomplished finger-painter. Well, that’s what you get for still using AOL.

—SURPRISE! A crazy Christian homophobe blogger is an “ex-gay!” And crazy!

—DOUBLE SURPRISE! Stern somehow manages to figure out that Liberals like Trader Joe’s and Conservatives prefer Walmart. Do we smell a Nobel Prize heading this way?

Stay safe during Blizzard Nemo, y’all!

Photo of the Day by Hanna Armour.