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/ February 6, 2013
Damn Future, You Cray: A Hovering Drone That Follows You and Records Your Day

Is the unexamined life worth living? Startup company, Always Innovating would say “nay.” For all you social media junkies out there who like for every sandwich you eat, show you go to, and bar you frequent to be Tweeted, Youtubed, Instagramed, Facebooked, checked-in, and Tumbl’d the technological dieties have smiled upon you.

Always Innovating has worked towards their namesake and has come up with a plam-sized mini-drone to hover over your shoulder. The days of pulling out your phone out during inopportune situations to snap a photo are dwindling.

Drones are automated, unmanned aircrafts that have gained notoriety for their military and surveillance uses. The way that things are developing for drone technology, these “hovercrafts” are about to spiral upward into a huge domestic industry. But aside from raising questions of privacy invasion and questionable/lethal military agendas, drones have a lighter side of their numerous uses that is growing more widely accepted into the mainstream market.

Take a look at the MeCam. It is the technological equivalent of a parrot squawking on a pirate’s shoulder as it hovers behind you wherever you go and continuously snaps pictures and videos of your life. The mini quadrocopter is like the plebeians’ paparazzi: anyone can be the star in their own reality TV show and stream their day directly to Android or iOS phones and tablets.

The website states that the these little guys are packed with 14 sensors for “perfect and safe” hovering so your life doesn’t look like the Blair Witch Project. As crazy hip and futuristic the MeCam may be, the skeptics see a very short-lived clean slate for this technology unless some kind of regulation is implemented. This technology is just begging to be hacked to follow people or to perform some other duties of a less pure nature. Especially if the device sells for the advertised market price of $49; the affordability of them will make these plentiful if they pick up popularity.

But do not fret. There are plenty of non-creepy things to do with the MeCam. It could act as a digital security guard, it could record your lectures, help retrace your steps, or remember the conversations you had in the day. Maybe that’s just being overly positive, but we will see where this technology goes. It is still in the works of being licensed and is set to come out in 2014.

If you’re interested in more drone technology and art, check out Drones of New York at the Museum of the Moving Image which begins February 8th and runs for a month.

Internet attention whores, rejoice and keep your eyes peeled for more modern innovations!

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