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/ February 5, 2013
NYU’s Sexiest Dorms: A Sasha Grey-Inspired Pad In Third North’s Dirty South

Today marks the revitalization of both Drunk Sober High, and NYU’s Sexiest Dorms, two of our older series which we thought needed a comeback. Sexy Dorms is an opportunity to see how creative students can turn cramped living spaces into lush, personalized hangout spaces.

This week, NYU Local ventured into the towers of Third Avenue North, coincidentally America’s largest freshman dorm, to scope a new generation of underclassmen’s eye-catching interior design. One particular suite in the infamous “dirty south” tower of 3N particularly piqued our interest. Think walls plastered with glossy fashion clip-outs and explicit art, spiky bondage goggles, and leftover tarps from an infamous oil wrestling party. Meet Emily and Zoe, the brains (and beauty) behind this mysterious suite at the end of the hall.

You guys live in Third North. How’s the suite experience?

Zoë: We’re one of the craziest rooms in what we call the Dirty South, or, the south tower.

Does your room have a name?

Zoë: The Other Bitches Lair.

What are some phrases to describe your room?

Zoë: Naked girls, Sexystupid, Sasha Grey…
Emily: …Lesbihonest.

I’ve heard some crazy parties have gone down in The Other Bitches Lair. Can you describe them?
Emily: One time we had a Turkish oil wrestling party in the style of a scene we saw in The L Word.

And how did you pull that off?
Zoë: We bought two giant tarps and covered the room like a scene in Dexter. Then we covered them in olive oil and bitches took off their clothes and fucked each other up.

Would you consider throwing another party?
Emily: We have a couple ideas in the works, but it’s highly possible that a Sasha Grey theme will be involved.

If you could have a celebrity roommate, who would it be?
Zoë: Oh my god.
Emily: Kristin Stewart! She’s so sexy.
Zoë: She needs to come out of the closet.

You have a lot of pictures on your wall. Are you into fashion?
Zoë: Yeah, I’m a photographer/filmmaker and I like to have inspiration surrounding me 24/7.

What are the three sexiest things in your dorm?
Zoë: My spiky Sasha Grey goggles, the Ellen von Unwerth photo book on our coffee table, and me.

Just wondering, why do you have a sign in your kitchen that says in bold print, “FUCK”?

Emily: Why not?

Do your suitemates think you guys are crazy?


Zoë: Absolutely.

If you have an underclassmen friend with an especially decked-out room, please contact [email protected] There are plenty of cool living spaces to highlight, so stay tuned for the best of the best.