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/ February 1, 2013
[UPDATED] Water Main Breaks In Flatiron District, Affects Parts of NYU Community

NoPo has now become NoWa.

If one of the problems with Hurricane Sandy was that there was too much water in Downtown Manhattan, a broken water main in the Flatiron district has now made it an issue that there’s now not enough. CBSNewYork is reporting that a 36-inch pipe from 1915 has broken at 23rd St. and Broadway earlier this morning, sending water gushing onto surrounding sidewalks and into the 23rd Street Subway stop, but halting the flow into parts of the downtown area.

NYU officials (not Jules R. Martin, strangely enough) have already sent out a university-wide email stating that the disruption “is having an impact on many NYU facilities,” and that facility managers are evaluating buildings to see what has been affected. 

It has been reported that parts of Palladium have started to be evacuated, although Gramercy, the dorm closest to the site of the incident, remains in normal condition. Meanwhile, Third North is not being evacuated, but sources say the building will be losing heat because their boilers run on, well, water. However, that cannot be confirmed at this time.

[UPDATED:] Tisch Administrators have sent out an email regarding their buildings on Broadway. They request that the water at these locations is used sparingly, as there is only a small reserve. Basically, if you have to poop or pee, get out of there.

The Gallatin building, adjacent to Tisch, is also without water. The administration in the building put it simply: “There is no water.”

[Image via Julia Berke.]

[UPDATED:] As of 3 PM today, NYU officials sent another email to the community saying we can expect water to be restored in the next few hours. This does not mean we’re out of the woods. Because this incident has repleted the water necessary for trips to the bathroom (to wash hands, tinkle, etc.), Alison Leary, Executive Vice President for Operations, said, “managers and faculty are free to use their own discretion about releasing staff or cancelling classes if they feel such actions are warranted.”

Further, all NYU dining locations closed at 3 PM to allow for the time necessary to relocate their resources to accomodate the dinner rush. From the email: “The following Location will open tonight from 4:00-8:00pm for dinner service
Third North dining hall
University Hall Burger studio
Rubin Dining Hall
Weinstein Dining Hall (downstein)

Sources say that the water is out in Lafayette and Broome as well.

[UPDATED:] Leary sent another email to the community just after 6 PM saying that most of the water has been restored to NYU facilities and residents are advised to run the tap to expel any murky water before using. The dining halls stated above are the only locations that will be open tonight.

Washington Square News tweeted that the Kimmel Center has lost all water, and the NYU Health Center is closing at 5 pm. While the status of other NYU facilities are not yet known, we will update you as we receive information. Feel free to comment in the section below with updates that your RAs and building managers are providing you.

Until this is is all sorted out, there will be no N or Q train service between 57th St. and Dekalb stops. It is unknown when the water systems will be restored, returning water back into affected parts of Downtown Manhattan.

So until normal water pressure is turned back on, use this as an opportunity to not do laundry or shower and take a nap instead.

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