Local Stops: Girls 2.0, Depressed Straight Guys, and Beyoncé

 -HBO & Lena Dunham will essentially be making a Girls 2.0, but where the girls have more money. We ain’t mad.

-Gothamist reviews “Liz Lemon” Ben & Jerry’s new flavor inspired by 30 Rock.

-Beyoncé sings the National Anthem a capella just to prove that she can. Also, her toothbrush is multicolored.

-Straight guys are more depressed than gay guys.

-The Atlantic argues that drug use can be good for our relationships

Photo of the Day by Caty Schnack


  • Valencia Reyes
    February 4, 2013

    whenyou smell. blood you feel alive. it reminds me

    of flesh

  • Valencia Reyes
    February 4, 2013

    blood voices in the blood

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