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/ January 28, 2013
A Look Inside The NYU Life Of Girls’ Shoshanna

Not much is known about Shoshanna’s life at NYU, other than that when she’s at school, she definitely tries to put on her Miranda hat and once took a sports medicine class to meet guys. We took the liberty of imagining what the rest of the GIRLS scene-stealer’s life is like at NYU.


Shoshanna is a Media, Culture, and Communications major. She can communicate entirely via emojis and loves to read — even if she’s just reading self-help books. You can’t deny that she has a way with words: “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued.” This semester, Shosh is interning for a boutique PR firm in SoHo.

Freshman dorm:

Although Shosh now lives in a gorgeous apartment in Nolita (“because it’ll be, like, the perfect bachelorette pad after college”), we bet she spent her freshman year in Hayden. She would have loved to live in what’s known as the most social dorm, but probably would have been a little sketched out by the smell of pot wafting through the halls. The healthy vegetarian and vegan fare in the dining hall would give her an energy boost to make it through kickboxing class, although you know even Shosh isn’t immune to nomming on Hayden’s chocolate chip cookies every once in a while.

Weekend plans:

Shoshanna went to 1OAK during her freshman year because she saw it on Gossip Girl. She got in thanks to a friend of a friend of a promoter, but freaked out at the noise and all the finance guys trying to buy her drinks. She doesn’t do Brooklyn, especially after the Crackcident. We bet her favorite nights revolve around watching Clueless and doing mani-pedis with her besties. Sunday mornings are reserved for Instagramming brunch, probably at The Smith. (InstaCaption: this challah French toast is amazeeee!!!)

Places She Has Tried To Meet Guys (besides her sports medicine class):

The Bronfman Center’s Shabbat for 2000, Flurry, before her kickboxing class at Equinox, speed dating, in line at the Union Square Whole Foods. NYU Hook Ups isn’t her style.

Favorite part of NYU:

Shoshanna is completely addicted to NYU Secrets. It’s just like her favorite TV show, Baggage. This was her secret — clearly no longer applicable! Snaps for Shosh. She’s, like, the least-virgin-y non-virgin ever.

Study abroad plans:

London, obvi! Jessa, whom she totally idolizes, is British, and Shoshanna has such a thing for Will and Kate. While studying abroad, she shopped on Sloane Street and took selfies with the guards outside Buckingham Palace.

Study habits:

Everything is highlighted, color-coded, sticky-noted — just like her inspiration board. She studies on the fourth floor of Bobst because it’s quieter than the 5th, but wishes NYU would invest in more ergonomic-friendly chairs. At home she has one – and a four-headed, brilliantly-colored reading lamp – for when she doesn’t want to walk to Bobst.

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