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/ December 21, 2012
The Best Of NYU Local: Fall 2012

It’s a Friday afternoon on December 21st, and at this point, if your semester isn’t over yet, we feel very, very, very bad for you. But if it is, (we really hope it is) then congrats! Enjoy your time of freedom and Christmas-related celebration (see ya at the movies, NY Jew Local!).

From all of us at NYU Local, we want to thank you, our readers. We would be lost without you (even the trolls). In all seriousness, we so appreciate you. Without you, we wouldn’t exist at all, and would have even less purpose in life than we have now. Thank you, to longtime readers and those of you that stumbled on here while looking for articles on obtaining a Fake ID. Thanks for making this a great semester.

At this point, maybe you’re home. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re off enjoying Winter Wonderland-type things and not playing around on the Internet. Or maybe you’re a sad, frantic person madly procrastinating before your last exam. Whatever you happen to be doing, here are some links from the past few months that you can occupy yourself with. Get distracted.

Replyallcalypse was the story of the semester, with the original emailer himself, Max Wiseltier, ending up on cab cams and Jimmy Kimmel Live. NYU had another viral hit with Clive Davis students’ cover of “Diamonds.” And we hung out with other famous students, like Dylan Sprouse and Mark Indelicato. We learned that Nastia Liukin will be coming to our school.

NYU students who don’t have name recognition quite yet showed that they’re definitely on their way. Colm Dillane opened his own store, Anna Brisbin (as Brizzy Voices) became a YouTube sensation, Safia Elhillo wrote beautiful poetry, and London O’Connor got kidnapped. Jordan Alper founded a record label. We profiled some of NYU’s most talented musicians with Local Sounds, released a mixtape, and then put on a concert.

We got struck by Hurricane Sandy. Kimmel was transformed, and Alec Baldwin and John Sexton came to cheer us up. Staff at the NYU Hospital heroically evacuated patients. The storm was bad, but we rode it out, discovering Jules Martin in the process.

Just after the Hurricane, Obama was reelected. We asked you not to underestimate the American people and whether or not your vote mattered, and tested the power of politics on Facebook. We ventured outside of the two-party system, and checked out NYU Libertarians.

On campus, a professor told us to “put away our laptops or enroll in the University of Phoenix.” We had Bobst boyfriends and NYU Hook Ups. NYU students were fond of drugs. We talked to Sugar Babies. We did not ask them if they wax their vaginas. The TimeKeeper passed away. On our campus, students were bullied; in Tel Aviv, they  were evacuated. Professors will hold a no-confidence vote against John Sexton.

Things are still good, and we asked what they were. We’re sure you can think of more.

Check out the site for articles on articles, and follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. We’re pretty much online all the time. And if you have any interest in writing or taking pictures for us, we’re always hiring.

Happy Holidays. NYU Local loves you.

JSex Graphic courtesy of Mike Schneider (’13)