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/ December 20, 2012
[PHOTOS] Wacky Places for Your Butt at NYU

College campuses take a lot of liberties regarding seating in the academic buildings. Most administrators must think that creative-looking chairs and other forms of seatery might stimulate some seriously hardworking and ambitious students. NYU is no exception here.

Instead of being “pretty mainstream,” and regaling you with a tale of finals woes, we here at NYU Local decided to delve into this world of organic shapes to put your ass upon and bring you a list of where the strange and comfy collide.

So grab yourself a Venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte from Faye’s and take a break from staring unblinkingly at your computer screen, the NYU campus is your tush’s oyster for the taking.

Pictured above is what appears to be a flattened and warped Lifesaver but in actuality is a chair that sits in the Economics lounge on Washington Place.

The Linguistics building (on Washington Place between Mercer and Greene), takes the cake for the kookiest seating arrangements of all time. Dr. Seuss would be very proud of the bright yellow couch that snakes around half of the lobby and those weird orange cube stools. The Lorax definitely has a home at NYU.

The Gallatin building may be the home of individualized studies but it’s also the home to individualized bum placements. All of the furniture is either bright orange or black. There are two types of chairs, one that resembles a bird’s nest and the other could be some sort of chair found on an alien spaceship skyrocketing towards Newt Gingrich’s moon colony that never was.

What’s scarier than Sternies? Grad Sternies! They don’t want you to think that though. So how do they choose to furnish their illustrious Grad CafĂ©? With bean bag chairs of course! There is nothing more confusing than seeing a man in a full three piece suit and tie sprawled out on what appears to be a black trash bag full of what can only be assumed to be receipts from business lunches. Sometimes, you just get the itis and you have to kick back!

And we’ll round out this exploration of interesting derriere spots with good old Bobst. You really can’t go wrong with the donut couches in the atrium against the black, grey, and white tiles. Also conveniently located to where you probably are procrastinating writing those final papers. Might as well enjoy some new real estate for your butt!

NYU is a big place, so if you know of any other wacky places for your butt on campus, feel free to leave them in comments. Happy sitting!

Photos by Julia Berke.