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/ December 18, 2012
Need A Break From Bobst? Try These Local Establishments

If Bobst wasn’t your temple at the beginning of the week, it’s probably assumed that role for you by now. Though finals week technically began on Monday, final essay assignments have been rolling in since, well, midterms. If you find that your Facebook breaks are growing in proportion to your studying, it might be time to step outside the Bobst behemoth and discover what lies around it.  Here are your options:

1. Creperie on MacDougal Street: Even when Crepeaway was still around, Creperie remained the hidden gem of the West Village. If you’re in Hayden, you might be familiar: On MacDougal, it’s close to campus, open until 3 am on weekdays (the owner will tell you that this is for the drunks who spill out of the bars, and not for students studying late) and 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s small, but there is one counter to grab if you’re lucky, and the crepes also make for good walking food.

2. Starbucks: NYU’s “Faye’s” is open all night during finals period, and staff members like to refer to the place as a “casino.” Party on. (And gamble to see how long you can stay up.)

3. The Catholic Center at NYU: Though the large letters on the building’s facade would have you believe that the Catholic Center comprises the entire GCASL (Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life – it’s a mouthful), it’s actually just a small wing on the first floor of “the sidecar of Kimmel.” But during finals, it is open until midnight – just long enough for you to believe that you can study hard and get a good night’s sleep regardless. There is also a fireplace (a rarity at NYU, and one that was hard to install), board games, and a constant rotation of fresh snacks, coffee, and tea.

4. McDonald‘s: It’s almost too much of a cliche, but McDonald’s helps us Americans out when we need it. And right now, we need a McFlurry. And a Big Mac, please? Just once?

5. If you and your BF/GF are looking to take a romantic break from studying, try Café Orlin, a well-reviewed restaurant/bar on St. Mark’s. Open until 1:30, this fancy and dimly-lit restaurant will be waiting for you once you’re done with that paper. (Don’t make the mistake of bringing books there, as the author of this piece unfortunately did. It is not a study spot. Other up-all-night places,  like Yaffa Cafe, also on St. Mark’s, are amenable to your open MacBook.)

Any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments.