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/ December 18, 2012
It’s The End of The World: NYU Local’s Official Bucket List

It’s December 18, 2012. This means that in exactly three days from now, we could all be dead. Although the world is ending, it seems as if more students are stressed out about finals than they are about being obliterated. Yes, finals are coming and so is the end of the world, which means that there is no better time than now to just say, “YOLO!”

What better way to celebrate the end of the world than by creating your own bucket list of tasks to complete at NYU by the 21st of December? You only have a few days to live, so why not spend those that time being adventurous and exploring the depths of your inner party animal? J-Sex will finally be getting J-Sexy; we know that much. 

Here are a few tasks that made it onto NYU Local’s vaguely heteronormative, NYU-themed bucket list:

On the other hand, it can’t be the end of the world because I have Les Miserables has not come out yet and I will not die before I see that movie.

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