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/ December 13, 2012
A Call To Arms For The Sweatpants-Lovers of NYU

“Depressed, stressed, but well-dressed.”

Often used to describe NYU students, this phrase is never more relevant than during finals week. The NYU student population is famously fashion-conscious, even during times of stress. But as you juggle three term papers, zero hours of sleep, and 500 mg of caffeine, the question begs itself:

Is it okay to wear sweatpants ?

Maybe it’s an unspoken rule of NYU. Sweatpants, yoga pants, and—God forbid—pajama pants are not to be worn in public. “This is New York,” one freshman said. “Put on clothes or you will forever be given ‘the look’. And believe me… you don’t want that look.”

Another freshman elaborated. “I understand if you have to wear sweats on a bad day. But if you wear them every day, you’re a basic bitch. Go study at an online college where you can stay inside and wear pajamas.”

“I was just voted “Most Likely to be Friends with Regina George” in my sorority,” a senior added. “My thoughts on sweatpants coincide with that label.”

They might have a point. Unlike students at other colleges, we walk straight from our dorm rooms into Greenwich Village, where we are approximately 700% more likely to encounter the likes of Amanda Seyfried and Jude Law. Surely this is a place to look smart, not sloppy.

Yes, this is New York City, a fashion capital of the world. But do you know where else this is? “This is America, and I can wear sweatpants if I want, goddammit,” Rowan Baluta (CAS 2016) declared.

“I wear sweat clothes all the time,” said Avina Pereira (CAS 2016). “They are glorious creations.”  And after strings of sleepless nights spent in LL2 of Bobst, we’re beginning to agree with her. Because, while to some people, sweatpants might mean “I give up”, during Finals Week, they assume a new meaning.

During Finals Week, sweatpants mean “I am going to be here a long time and I embrace that”.

So is it okay to wear sweatpants yet? Yes. Yes, and be proud of your sweatpants. Stand tall and comfortable in Bobst, or relish the extra layer of padded comfort your sweatpants add to your swivel chair.

You might even find yourself incapable of parting with your sweatpants for the rest of the semester; that’s fine, as well. “I don’t judge anyone for wearing sweats. It’s college. At least those people are showing up to class,” Jessica Rothwell (CAS 2015) said.

And Amanda Seyfried and Jude Law? They totally wear sweatpants, too.

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