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/ December 3, 2012
Alec Baldwin Donates $1 Million To Tisch, Adds To Existing Scholarship

Not long after his surprise visit to Kimmel during the fallout of Hurricane Sandy, Alec Baldwin gave a $1 million gift to the Tisch School of the Arts. The donation will add to the coffers of an already-existing scholarship fund created in Baldwin’s name. The fund was created with his first million-dollar gift to Tisch.

The Baldwin Drama Scholarship Fund, according to this article, aids students who otherwise would not be able to afford Tisch. It also helps facilitate the Talent Identification Process (TIP) program.

A famed Democrat, Baldwin’s gift is perhaps even more meaningful considering that it comes after a successful Obama re-election campaign. Baldwin has said of the gift, “At a time when funds for higher education appear to be more difficult than ever to access, it’s my great pleasure to do what I can to bring the best possible candidates into the Tisch program, a program which I believe is the best in the country.”


Alec Baldwin is a loyal alumnus of NYU, appearing at the beck of John Sexton at events that range from the formal to the more urgent and civic, like his swing by Kimmel the week after the hurricane. (Kimmel, incidentally, is where he held his wedding reception this past summer with wife Hilaria, also an NYU alum.) Baldwin is not the kind of donor who writes off a check casually or without investment; rather, he remains involved in his gifts at NYU,  known to hold intimate roundtables with recipients of his scholarship. This spring, he will try on another hat as “Professor Baldwin.” The course he is scheduled to teach received an earnest flooding of interest. And he is not shy about his love for the school – both NYU and Tisch – and proud to call it the best of its kind.

Certainly, NYU is grateful for the gift, which comes not only with monetary value but from the sort of platform that Baldwin is lucky to occupy.

“With the support of donors like Alec Baldwin, the Talent Identification Process has transformed from a program to a systemic mandate,” Dean Mary Schmidt Campbell has said of the gift.

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