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/ November 30, 2012
Making The Mo$t Of Your NYU Tuition

So Replyallcalypse happened– “haha,” “lol,” “Nic Cage,” “thanx for the memz,” etc. But the downside to all that hilarity and media coverage of NYU is that many times, people wouldn’t fail to point out the lovely little fact that our tuition is outrageously, astronomically high. OH, THANKS SO MUCH Daily Mail for ending your feel-good little piece with something so heavy:

NYU has some around 43,900 students enrolled. Half of those are undergraduates.

Tuition at the private research university is a staggering $58,858.

Let’s do some math: 43,900 x 58,858 = SO MUCH MONEY. I seriously can’t bring myself to type that in a calculator. And while there is some assistance available, merit-based and otherwise, to help students avoid jumping off the fiscal cliff (that’s how you use that term, right?), it’s obviously necessary to cut corners in other ways.

I thought freshman year was a pretty raw deal. But living in a low-cost triple in Rubin, paying for Bagel Bob’s in nickels and dimes seems like Easy Street compared to the 45-minute commute from Crown Heights, and having to beg my little sister to swipe me into Kimmel for a burrito (thanks Hannah Banana!). When you sign your name in blood along the dotted line and say, “Yes, NYU, here is my soul, I am doing this,” you’re generally aware of what you’re getting yourself into; you want to come here, despite the financial consequences.

So time to suck it up, boys and girls. You’re in for the long haul. Hopefully you’re receiving some help in some way, but while you’re paying enough hard-earned (or loaned) money to buy four certified pre-owned 2010 Toyota Corollas each year of your undergrad career, try to make the most of your tuition by following some of these delightfully frugal pro tips:

Have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below. And while NYU Local doesn’t condone stealing (I’m talking to you, street rats), we don’t want you starving. Cue “What Would You Do?

See you tonight at Shabbat! Yum! Mazel tov!

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