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/ November 29, 2012
Replyallcalypse Madness Hits Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Today Show, Amanda Sarah Parties

Midnight, Thursday, November 29, 2012. Day Three since the Replyallcalypse CCed its way into our lives.

Max Wiseltier is laughing from the screens of approximately two million televisions nationwide.

His viral surge to fame has landed him an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and—appearing next to guests like Wiz Kalifa and Damien Lewis—Max is telling the nation exactly what happens when you email 40,000 NYU students.

“I got everything from threats telling me I should leave school to people telling me I should run for president,” says Max, appearing via Skype from his dorm room. Somewhere between those threats and presidential nominations, he also received an offer for a television appearance. At 3 pm on Tuesday, less than 24 hours post-Replyallcalypse, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted at Max, asking if he’d like to appear on the show. “That would be amazing!” Max replied. “I assume you have my email address?”

On air, Kimmel is equally quick to pounce. “And what school are you transferring to?” he asks Max.

But Max’s popularity has been far from hindered. “A couple parties are being thrown in my honor,” he says. “An a capella concert’s being named after me.” (“You might just want to go home for the weekend,” Kimmel suggests to the latter.)

In keeping with all great and catastrophic NYU events, one of the parties is being promoted by Amanda Sarah, the legendary (and sometimes loathed) club promoter, who reportedly commented that “they all complain that I spam them, but once they gain the power to do it themselves, they realized how much fun it is.” We’re looking forward to seeing how others might hope to capitalize on Max’s now-international fame.

But in the meantime, Kimmel is killing it, suggesting that the reply-all button needs to be hidden “under your mattress” and that Max should “just stick to writing letters for a while.” We even get to hear Jimmy Kimmel slowly and deliberately annunciating “Replyallcalypse.” Here’s the full clip:

Kimmel pronounced NYU Local’s viral phrase way better than the Matt Lauer did on this morning’s Today Show.

“I think the whole situation is hilarious and ridiculous beyond belief!” Max tells NYU Local after his appearance on Kimmel last night. We’re with him.

Our only regret? That we still don’t know if Kimmel would fight one horse-sized duck or one-hundred duck-sized horses.