Local Stops: Zebra And Pony Loose On Staten Island, Cat Joins Weatherman On Set
/ November 28, 2012


It’s the start of a bad joke: A zebra chases after a pony on Staten Island, and still no one knows exactly why or how this happened.

Mitt Romney is having a consolation meeting with Barack Obama soon. Here’s what winner/loser meet-ups have looked like in the past.

Flavorwire’s released a tally of the world’s most famous living authors, and it’s so large that we’re scared E.L. James snuck on there. But not everyone is happy about the 100-picture slideshow.

Cats ignore the weatherman, too: This one trotted on a set somewhere ‘in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico’ and exited exposing its backside to the audience.

Photo of the Day by Julia Berke.

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