[INFOGRAPHIC] Drugs, You, and NYU: A Visual Analysis

This week, NYU Local took to the internet with an important question: Is NYU on drugs?

The answer we received was a resounding “probably”.

Nearly six-hundred current NYU and NYU-Poly students from seventy-eight different programs shared their drug histories through an anonymous online survey. Their results are after the jump.

Disclaimer: This survey was distributed through Facebook groups, wall posts, G-Chats, listserves, Reddit links, and tweets. Its sample group was self-selected from these sources, therefore its results are likely biased toward the opinions of people who frequent these sites (also toward the opinions of people who like to take drug-related surveys just for fun)*.

Furthermore, Correlation does not imply causation. In other words, an apparent trend of drug-use among Biology majors does not imply that all Biology majors will use drugs, or that drug use will convert one into a Biology major.

*This disclaimer directed at the “CAS student majoring in Starcraft” who “does heroin everyday”: We discarded your answer because it was an obvious lie. The Starcraft major is only available through Gallatin.

We asked students their major, how frequently they use drugs (excluding alcohol and prescribed medications), and which drugs they have used while attending NYU.

The results by schools:



Results by frequency of drug use:


Most-commonly used drugs at NYU:

A complete breakdown of individual responses is available here, sorted by major, frequency, and number of student reports.

And while, yes, a brief read will tell you that the average reported Comparative Literature major uses more drugs than the average reported Neural Science major, longer examination reveals something entirely different. The trends we discern are murky at best, and obscured by outliers; or perhaps these patterns are completely products of our imagination. The fact is that, like any other demographic, many NYU students use drugs, but without any real predilection.

Have fun, and be safe everyone.

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  1. amani j says

    The fact that study drugs are 2nd at NYU in drug-use scares me a bit. those things are so bad for you, plus it’s showing the immense pressure that these kids are under.

  2. Nik Anderson says

    Great work on the pie charts in the article, it just doesn’t seem like enough students took surveys to draw precise results. We have a student body of approx 40,000 students…only 14 are represented for LSP, and even CSA has only 263 students represented. And this could’ve reached only certain demographics within the schools as well. The disclaimer supports this, but why spend time on such an article if it’s not going to be an accurate representation anyway? I’m interested in the actual results, if NYU local is too, they should probably make a more active effort to survey the student body.