Local Stops: Angels, Affairs And Conservatives In America
/ November 13, 2012

Photo of the Day by Priya Vij.

– Does Skyfall have a shot at Best Picture?

– Well, this exists. Let the trolling begin.

– As EIC Myles Tanzer said re: Petreaus, “This scandal just went from the O.C. to Gossip Girl very quickly” (If you’re having trouble following any of this, here’s a cheat sheet (pun intended))

– Follow up-to-the-second updates about Zone A Sandy-affected areas on Curbed.

– Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Tony Kushner‘s of Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize winning Angels in America. Would the same success be possible today?

– In a shocking upset, “GIF” has beat out “YOLO” as the word of the year. Interesting in that neither of them are technically “words.”

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