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/ November 12, 2012
[PHOTOS] Tisch Asia Student Reactions After Hearing News Of School Closing

Friends of Tisch Asia sent NYU Local pictures of Tisch Asia students moments after Dean MSC, Dean Cameron, Chair Jon Tutori and Joe Juliano publicly broke news of the school’s closing.

Singapore’s Tisch School of the Arts Asia is to close by 2014, after a five-year existence. The deans met the faculty and students over a series of briefings last week at the campus to explain details, including that the site will stay open for at least one more year. More photos after the jump.

A student spoke anonymously to Film Business Asia and wrote that the students’ immediate reactions “were mixed.” He mentioned that some were noticeably upset, and the photographs clearly reflect this. After all, how would you feel if your university closed?

Friends of Tisch Asia can be reached for further inquiries regarding photographs at [email protected]