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/ November 12, 2012
It’s Cookie Time! Girl Scouts Selling Cookies At Kimmel Today

Christmas shopping can wait. It’s COOKIE TIME!

Girl Scouts of Greater New York will be paying a special visit to Kimmel Monday, November 12, from 10 am – 3 pm. This extra special, perfect, beautiful visit of confectionary greatness is thanks to New York City’s Corporate Cookie Connection. Girl Scouts of Greater New York’s site reports that the CCC “is a one-day event during which corporations and businesses welcome our New York City Girl Scouts into their buildings to sell Girl Scout Cookies in their lobbies and cafeterias.” CCC is a way for Girl Scouts to set up cookie booths in highly trafficked areas where they can sell as a group, which is an alternative way of fundraising from the usual individual door-to-door selling.

Cookies are $4 a box, with $.65 from each sale directly going to the troops that are selling. Besides being delicious and great, cookies are the top fundraiser for troops to maintain activities and events. By buying cookies, you are funding the ability for girls grades k-12 to go camping, visit museums, and buy supplies to help them raise money for other charities.

For those who need a refresher in cookie flavors, there are:

If you can’t make it tomorrow to Kimmel, don’t worry. The actual cookie sales for individual girls start December 14 (finals week!!). Start tracking down little girls and harass them for cookies.*

*NYU Local does not condone tracking down and harassing little girls.

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