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/ October 31, 2012
Students In Residence Halls Relocated, Most NYU Buildings Closed Through Saturday

Yesterday evening at 7:30 PM, Vice President of Student Affairs Tom Ellett sent NYU residents an email detailing which NYU buildings are open, and which need to be evacuated. Residents of 13th street were relocated to Founders, Alumni to Third North, Carlyle to University Hall, Coral to Palladium, Rubin to Weinstein or Goddard, and 2nd Street, 7th Street, Brittany, Broome, Greenwich, Hayden and Lafayette were all sent to Kimmel.

Weinstein Dining Hall is open every day from 8-10am, Noon to 3pm, and 5-8pm. Kimmel Marketplace is open for the same hours, and the building as a whole is available as a charging station (this could prove equally beneficial for non-residents). Movie screening and other activities will also be taking place in Kimmel (they’re currently showing The Princess Bride). Health services will be available at the Student Resources Center on the 2nd floor of Kimmel, Wednesday to Friday from 10am-5pm.

Gramercy is without water, but as far as we know, still has emergency lighting. Founders, Goddard, Palladium, U-Hall, Third North, and Weinstein all have emergency lighting and water. Stuy Town and Washington Square Village are also functional. Students are encouraged to put together a “go bag,” as was also suggested by Mayor Bloomberg. This should include clothing, medication, ID, cell phone, etc. Public Safety is also still available at 212-998-2222.

According to Carlyle resident Caroline Getz, “When the power went out [on Monday night], it was a little scary at first, but everyone on the hall opened their doors, and we just stood there chatting. The RA came around right away and handed out tiny flashlights, told us he’d keep us updated, and that we were welcome to come wait it out in his room with him. It was really, really dark- the emergency lights did not last very long, and the staircases were completely black. My friend Lydia and I elected to play Kings Cup and have a fun drunken evening. But it was an unpleasant surprise to wake up in the morning and find that the water had gone out.”

Continue to stay updated with news from this site, as well as the NYU Info Alert, and stay safe!

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