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/ October 23, 2012
NYU Local Interviews The Genius Behind RealityTVGifs

Here at NYU Local, we love using GIFs more than nerds love dressing up for Comic Con. so we naturally decided to interview T. Kyle MacMahon. If you are not familiar with him, he is the face behind the popular GIF Tumblr website called RealityTVGifs.

The creator is a native of New Jersey, but has lived in New York City for the past six years. He is currently the Digital Designer for the Logo channel at MTV Networks.

How did you get started with the Tumblr page?

I started the Tumblr page because I wanted Housewives GIFs to use in my IMs and in my emails and there was nobody really making anything from the shows I watched. My freelance contract at my last job was over so I had some time off in between jobs and that’s when I taught myself how to make GIFs. Slowly over time I learned new GIF tricks and really started to understand how Tumblr worked… and the RealityTVGIFs community has expanded ever since! I never thought anyone else would ever use it as a GIF resource. It was definitely unexpected and unplanned, so I’m just rolling with it week to week.

Your site has definitely surfaced on a more popular level over the past year. How did it feel for you to see people such as Nina Garcia using one of your gifs and Andy Cohen using your stickers?

Ecstatic. It was refreshing to see people understand the humour behind GIFs. I’d been using them for years as comments on blogs like so it was hysterical to other seeing people use them as reactions to different things. Seeing one of my stickers on Andy Cohen’s phone shocked me at first. A friend gave him the sticker but I was expecting he’d throw it away. But there it was, on the back of his iPhone. I was, and still am, really flattered. I’m glad that he enjoyed it!

Do you have a favorite GIF that you’ve made?

Toughest question ever! It may have to be this one of Kim G:









What can you tell us about upcoming projects for the RealityTVGifs website?

Well, my next project is RealityTVGIFs merchandise I’m doing with Zazzle. It’s starting out with iPhone skins/cases, stickers, an amazing PAY ATTENTION bumper sticker, and some “quote totes”. It’s been in progress for about 2 months and I’m really excited to finally launch! I currently have the ARE YOU KIDDING ME iPhone case and I love it… I yell it anytime I show my case to someone, naturally.

Aside from that I’m hoping for more giveaway similar to the Desperate Housewives one I did last month. We’ll see!

If you could be on any reality television show, which would you choose?

Jersey Shore, but with a new cast.

How has the RealityTVGifs website changed your life?

It’s really given me an outlet to combine design and entertainment, which is exactly what I want to do in my career. I hope it’ll lead me in that direction. I’m also really shy and I feel like the blog has helped me network and meet new people I may have never met before.

Which reality star or public figure have you been most excited to meet? Why?

I was really excited to meet Linda from Big Ang. She was just as fun in person as the show portrayed her to be. I had a blast with them at Big Ang’s book release party! Big Ang is a goddess in real life.

Use GIFs to describe how you feel about…

The New Jersey Housewives’ Three Part Reunion:









The Elections:









Andy Cohen:









Keep up with T. Kyle MacMahon by following him on Twitter and by checking out the RealityTVGifs website.

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