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/ October 22, 2012
NYU Offering Class On The Business Of EDM, Learn How To Be David Guetta

DJs, producers, and annoying Hayden party promoters, listen up: Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music is offering a Business of Electronic & Dance Music class next spring.

The two-credit class is taught by New York scene lifer DJ Rekha, host of a long-running set at S.O.B.’s that highlights the pop-permeating South Asian genre bhangra. Previously an NYU Asian/Pacific/American Institute Artist-in-Residence, Rekha was named by New York Times Magazine as “one of the ten woman of downtown music.”

ReMu is pretty stacked next semester—you’ve undoubtedly heard by now about the Classic Albums course taught by ?uestlove from The Roots and Grammy-winning A&R exec Harry Weinger. The dance music class will be study the business of the recently huge EDM phenomenon and contextualize it within the long-running tradition of Paradise Garage, David Guetta, and Eiffel 65. The best part is, it’s open to non-majors. (As opposed to the Questlove class, which the department site says is “ABSOLUTELY ONLY OPEN TO REMU MAJORS, DUE TO EXTREMELY LIMITED SPACE.” Womp.)

Sayeth Albert:

“Students in this class will be exposed to the history and contemporary business of electronic and dance music. This class will help enable everyone from the home studio producer to the budding superstar dj understand the modern make-up of the dance and electronic music business. We will examine the methodologies of (and meet) some of the most successful people in the biz, study the pitfalls and opportunities in today’s marketplace, offer real life experiential training and discover emerging trends for tomorrow.”

The course falls under ReMu’s business track, so expect a lot of practical knowledge selling a suddenly lucrative craft. As the syllabus says, “The goal of the course is to teach students to develop a workable creative plan to launch a business within the dance music scene.” But given DJ Rekha’s history in the New York scene, and the tendency of ReMu classes to feature crazy guest stars, it’s not impossible some of your dance music heroes might show up.

Just for completionists, here are all the other ReMu courses available for non-majors:

We also abstained from any bass-dropping or rave pasty jokes during the writing of this post. Not even a molly reference! Go us.

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