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/ October 1, 2012
Local Stops: There Is An Erect Penis In One Of Our Links Today; Guess Which One

What do you do when you can’t get a girlfriend, and happen to work for Huffington Post? Why, blog about it, of course! (Girls love bloggers.)

Noise noise-rock-rap-noise band Death Grips decided to fuck their label and release their new album, uh, today. The cover art is an erect penis. (If you click that at work, you are stupid.) Meanwhile Epic Records is pissed.

Drew Barrymore had a girl! Her name is Olive, which is, like, yawn. Celebrity baby names are supposed to entertain us, not be reasonable names to go through life with. So inconsiderate.

The committee that deals with landmarks lists their weirdest requests. Among them: a tree in Queens, which didn’t make the cut: “Trees die, unfortunately.”

Oh and there might be a Pushing Daisies musical. Squeeeeee.

Stanley Tucci’s cookbook is on our early Christmas list.

Photo of the Day by Rachel Kaplan.