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/ September 21, 2012
Downstein Gets a Summer Makeover

Everyone has that one friend— the smelly one, with a unibrow and  really bad acne. But then one summer,  they came back from camp and they were suddenly gorgeous. That’s what’s happened to Downstein. Yep, fellow NYUers, the hell hole that was Downstein has become a new, little slice of heaven.

The first thing that will strike you when you walk into the new Downstein is how beautiful it looks. The walls are a popping lime green with bright lighting, bamboo paneling, and contemporary furniture. It sort of looks like a JetBlue terminal. It’s a stark contrast to the old dingy, dark, dirty-looking Downstein that upperclassmen remember. Now they’re actually trying distract you from how miserable and mundane your day has been so far! Thanks, Downstein!

And the food is way better too. Back before the renovation the trays of unappetizing, dry burgers and  boring sandwiches where cringeworthy. Now, from the salad bar to the individual food stations, everything looks fresh. The menu has changed also.

Here are some of our new favorite options:

-Frozen yogurt: Because who doesn’t love dairy out of a bag?

-Mongolian BBQ: The best BBQ of all!

-International food: Get your passport ready.

-A vegetarian station

-Not Chick-Fil-A

-Some fruit, bread, other things.

Even though they don’t offer anything that the other dining halls can serve you, the food is better than other on-campus places. It’s definitely the best of the all-you-can-eat dining hall options. I mean, come on, have you had those burgers in U-Hall?

While some students still complain of the long, slow lines, and the lack of seating in exchange for the swanky new design, it’s still worth checking out. And it’s not that big of a risk to lose one swipe— if worse comes to worst, you can just head upstairs to Upstein.

So Downstein is no longer to be feared! Go forth and stuff your faces.

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