Here Are A Few NYU Startups To Make You Feel Less Productive

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to not notice the loads of advertising for startup companies. People hand out flyers, post stickers, spam their social media — one girl even stopped my CS professor mid-lecture to announce her new social media site.

The ridiculous number of companies, nonprofits, and organizations being produced by NYU students each year is a source of pride yet a daily annoyance/awe for the slightly less ambitious of us, who can’t remember our homework, let alone manage a small army of people doing our bidding. We looked into a (very small) fraction of NYU-based startups to check out what’s been actually advertised on those flyers.

Under the Window Records, LLC

Founder: Sam Tall, Steinhardt Junior

Mission: With help from his parents, Tall created UTW to put his friends music out to the world. His site features a  “pay-what-you-want” model.

Success Level: UTW’s  Gallatin singer Ania Alessandra earned enough from EP “Flowers for your Lips” to cover all costs. Tall now manages LGBTQ activist Ryan Cassata and NYC’s Wooly and the Mammoths.

Pros: With ambition and his growing feel of what works and doesn’t, Tall is definitely going to fight in a difficult business.

Cons: Young talent and young management could stand to forge their own styles and feels. Plus, Wooly and the Mammoths totally stole my prospective band name.

Contact: Name your price for a CD, or just give them a listen.

Founder: Sophomore in CAS Nick Paganelli

Mission: NJP creates made to order women’s fashion- from his dorm room!

Success Level: Still up-and-coming, Paganelli is growing his clientele as he works to earn two BAs from both NYU and FIT.

Pros: For around $75, you can get a bangin dress that’s hand made and designed for you! Know a designer before he gets big.

Cons: No one should have to confine their talent to a dorm room!

Contact: Help NJP expand, and look good doing it.



Founder: Johnathan Chen, CAS Sophomore

Mission: 1RR asks local, national, and world wide artists to produce songs related to certain charities. Songs then create an album sold to benefit the charity.

Success Level: Their first CD, “Collecting Droplets,” is part of helping raise $5,000 for a water well in a community. Currently they have raised over $3,000.

Pros: Charities, music, helping people.

Cons: Asking national and international singers seems a bit of a reach, especially to create new, charity themed music.

Contact: Sign up to be a campus ambassador here (deadlines have already passed, but put your name in to be considered next time).

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  1. Zach Sokol says

    This article should have a part two!

    Many other groups doing similar things, such as BassSquad, Stereocure, and others.

    There will be a feature of Stereocure in the upcoming weeks, but this list is a great start.

  2. Sam Tall says

    While Ania Alessandra is no longer on Under The Window Records (you can find her on Facebook if you’re interested in Californian sun-soaked singer/songwriter goodness), there are two other groups of phenomenal talent! Visit to pay what you want, or check them out on the Spotify play buttons on the website linked in the article!

  3. Rita Chapot says

    Poly administers three incubators (low cost office space for start ups), two on Varick St and one in DUMBO. If you’re a Poly student you get a discount on rent. Also, the start ups that are there love NYU students as interns.