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/ September 17, 2012
Here Are A Few NYU Startups To Make You Feel Less Productive

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to not notice the loads of advertising for startup companies. People hand out flyers, post stickers, spam their social media — one girl even stopped my CS professor mid-lecture to announce her new social media site.

The ridiculous number of companies, nonprofits, and organizations being produced by NYU students each year is a source of pride yet a daily annoyance/awe for the slightly less ambitious of us, who can’t remember our homework, let alone manage a small army of people doing our bidding. We looked into a (very small) fraction of NYU-based startups to check out what’s been actually advertised on those flyers.

Under the Window Records, LLC

Founder: Sam Tall, Steinhardt Junior

Mission: With help from his parents, Tall created UTW to put his friends music out to the world. His site features a  “pay-what-you-want” model.

Success Level: UTW’s  Gallatin singer Ania Alessandra earned enough from EP “Flowers for your Lips” to cover all costs. Tall now manages LGBTQ activist Ryan Cassata and NYC’s Wooly and the Mammoths.

Pros: With ambition and his growing feel of what works and doesn’t, Tall is definitely going to fight in a difficult business.

Cons: Young talent and young management could stand to forge their own styles and feels. Plus, Wooly and the Mammoths totally stole my prospective band name.

Contact: Name your price for a CD, or just give them a listen.

Founder: Sophomore in CAS Nick Paganelli

Mission: NJP creates made to order women’s fashion- from his dorm room!

Success Level: Still up-and-coming, Paganelli is growing his clientele as he works to earn two BAs from both NYU and FIT.

Pros: For around $75, you can get a bangin dress that’s hand made and designed for you! Know a designer before he gets big.

Cons: No one should have to confine their talent to a dorm room!

Contact: Help NJP expand, and look good doing it.



Founder: Johnathan Chen, CAS Sophomore

Mission: 1RR asks local, national, and world wide artists to produce songs related to certain charities. Songs then create an album sold to benefit the charity.

Success Level: Their first CD, “Collecting Droplets,” is part of helping raise $5,000 for a water well in a community. Currently they have raised over $3,000.

Pros: Charities, music, helping people.

Cons: Asking national and international singers seems a bit of a reach, especially to create new, charity themed music.

Contact: Sign up to be a campus ambassador here (deadlines have already passed, but put your name in to be considered next time).

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