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/ September 10, 2012
Art Just Got Cheap: Your NYU Card Now Gives You Free Admission To Great Museums

While it’s true that NYU has a lot of positive qualities, it’s fair to say that being inexpensive is definitely not among them. Add the cost of tuition to New York’s inevitably high prices, and next thing you know Bank of America is sending you text messages warning you that your bank balance is barely enough to buy one more 40 (oz) of Olde English.

But now, thanks to J Sex, NYU students are now able to visit twelve different museums (including the Frick, MOMA, and the Whitney) for free! New York University is now an official corporate partner of all of the museums listed here, and all you need to take advantage of this partnership is a valid student ID. Even better, NYU’s status as partner means no more waiting in lines on busy days; we all qualify as members of the museums listed. Very exclusive, I know.

Right now the Whitney has a lot of great exhibitions, including a stunning visual and interactive piece created by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama called Fireflies on the Water. This piece, first shown to the public in 2002, is extremely popular, and often sells out at the beginning of the day. But thanks to the NYU corporate partnership, it’s also possible to reserve tickets at the beginning of each hour. The work consists of mirrors, Plexiglas, 150 tiny flickering LED lights and a pool of water.

I’d recommend wearing black so that you don’t see yourself in the mirrors. This will allow for a trippy experience in the strangely luminescent and seemingly endless space. And all-black-all-the-time is always right. In addition to checking out Kusama’s visual piece, you should take the time to see her retrospective collection, which is currently on display at the Whitney right now in conjunction with Fireflies on the Water.

So now it’s free and there’s no excuse, go get cultured.

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