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/ April 26, 2012
Best of Netflix Instant Watch: NYU Takes On National Humor Month

For those of you who haven’t heard, April is National Humor Month. It kicks off with April Fool’s Day and ends with NYU stabbing us in the back — how droll. As sad as that sounds, it is unfortunately true. NYU’s approach in life is simple: they take our money, we stupidly expect free stuff, and they wind up ripping us off in the end.

NYU is finding a million and one ways to torture its students this semester. Here are a few of the ways NYU has made this painful experience possible and here’s some movies that go with those experiences.Albert

Where do we even begin to explain how messed up Albert is? Someone must have cheated on him or bullied him early in his life because Albert keeps screwing us over. We don’t know where all of our tuition money goes, but sometimes, it becomes so bad that watching a Tyler Perry movie seems like a more efficient use of money.

Hayden’s Fired RA’s

As you all know by now, nine of Hayden’s RA’s and one RCA were fired recently. Although the news is sad, they got in trouble for partying. Who can blame them for that? They’re college students; it’s only natural that they partake in normal college activities. Put on Bieber’s concert movie Never Say Never, throw a dance party in your dorm, and raise a glass to the fallen RA’s.


NYU has taken a final jab at our souls by messing up people’s housing selection times. It’s April 26, and NYU just had to slip in one more middle finger to its beloved students. What’s up with the leftover dorm choices?

Well, if you go for Greenwich Hotel, you’ll get maid service. You never know, your personal maid in Manhattan might turn out to be Jenny from the block.

Lafayette is like the ugly stepsister to Gramercy. If NYU tries to promote Lafayette as an adequate residence hall any longer, we’ll scream. NYU should take a Stepford Wives approach at Lafayette by giving it a full Extreme Makeover: Dorm Edition.

End of the Semester

On top of all of this drama, let’s not forget that the end of the semester is near. With all of these torturous experiences, the stress of finishing this semester on a high note only places a ton of pressure on students. How can you cope with all of the anxiety? Shopping! Yes, shopping as a form of therapy is effective. When you’re out shopping, don’t forget that diamonds are a girl’s (and gay’s) best friend.