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/ April 16, 2012
Buy An Air Conditioner: You Won’t Regret It

Today is really, really hot, and we’re loving it, but if you’re living off-campus, chances are high that you’ve spent the day debating whether or not to drop the cash to buy an air-conditioner. We know it’s expensive, but we’re telling you right now that it’s worth it, and that you should buy one now, because if you wait until the first real heat-wave, all of the stores will have sold-out. To quote a retailer from a 1988 article in the New York Times, “You want an air-conditioner? You got references?”

Last summer, we lived in a windowless room, which meant that we couldn’t install an A/C, and we thought we’d power through with a few floor fans. We were very wrong and spent many a night sleeping on the floors of our friends who were privileged to own these magical cooling devices. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together a pros and cons list to make your decision a little easier:



Stop thinking about it. Buy an air-conditioner¬†A$AP. If you’ve got any other reasons why anyone should buy an AC, share in the comments!

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