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/ March 28, 2012
The Olympics Are Coming Up And Other Sports News This Week

The Summer Olympics start July 27th in London, England. London will play host for the third time (London has previously hosted in 1908 and 1948). July may not be for several months but the world is already gearing up for the competition by playing qualifying matches and complaining:

So there you go! The Olympics are going to happen in a few months! Until then there’s other sports news this week.

In NYU news,

The New York Times did a lovely “Where Are They Now” piece on the NYU 1997 Women’s Basketball team. The team won a national title and some of the members are now successful surgeons, professors, and coaches.

Until next week. Remember in Children Of Men when Clive Owen wore the London 2012 sweatshirt to remind us THIS MOVIE WAS SET IN THE FUTURE? That logo was dead wrong.

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