The Olympics Are Coming Up And Other Sports News This Week
/ March 28, 2012

The Summer Olympics start July 27th in London, England. London will play host for the third time (London has previously hosted in 1908 and 1948). July may not be for several months but the world is already gearing up for the competition by playing qualifying matches and complaining:

So there you go! The Olympics are going to happen in a few months! Until then there’s other sports news this week.

  • The Final Four is this weekend. No real surprises here.┬áThe first game is: (4) Louisville vs. (1) Kentucky. I’m sure the state of Kentucky will shut down to riot this weekend. The other game is (2) Ohio State vs (2) Kansas. Last time Ohio State and Kansas played in December, Kansas won 78 – 67 BUT Ohio State’s best player was out with a back injury. This is the second meeting of Final Four No. 2 seeds in the history of the tournament.
  • In sports reporting mishaps: this third-baseman prospect for the Cardinals was billed simply as “Minor League Guy” on a nationally televised exhibition game. If only Mad Men’s credits rolled as “Creator: Sopranos Guy.”
  • U.S. Rep. Brad Miller had this to say about Duke: “I have said very publicly that if Duke was playing against the Taliban, then I’d have to pull for the Taliban.” He is not seeking reelection and Duke got knocked out in the first round of the tournament.
  • The NHL season is about to end and that means teams are making last ditch efforts to make the playoffs. After a crazy winning streak by the San Jose Sharks they’re probably going to make the playoffs! That being said, the Avalanche and the Maple Leafs may not have a postseason after devastating losses. Here is a picture of what the playoffs may look like according to Yahoo’s Puck Daddy.
  • There were some rumors that the Memphis Grizzlies might move to San Jose. Those rumors were killed when it was revealed it would take $600 million to purchase and move the Grizzlies. That’s, like, two and a half John Carters! This is probably good since there are already THREE NBA TEAMS in California already.
  • Just in case you were wondering seldom-reported on figure, Tim Tebow, was up to: Tim Tebow had a great press conference this week (Mark Sanchez isn’t worried). Jets coach Rex Ryan says Tim Tebow isn’t “just a backup player” and can expect 20 snaps a game with the new Wildcat formation (Mark Sanchez still isn’t worried). Tim Tebow is losing to Arian Foster in the “Madden NFL 13” cover vote (Mark Sanchez isn’t worried, okay!). Nobody told Mark Sanchez about the Tim Tebow trade before the trade actually took place (Mark Sanchez PROMISES you he isn’t worried). Seeing as everybody is supposed to hate Tim Tebow there are certainly a lot of news articles about him.
  • A Louisville fan punched a Kentucky fan in the face! A Kentucky fan hooked up to a dialysis machine. Great.

In NYU news,

The New York Times did a lovely “Where Are They Now” piece on the NYU 1997 Women’s Basketball team. The team won a national title and some of the members are now successful surgeons, professors, and coaches.

Until next week. Remember in Children Of Men when Clive Owen wore the London 2012 sweatshirt to remind us THIS MOVIE WAS SET IN THE FUTURE? That logo was dead wrong.

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