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/ March 27, 2012
Lil B Set To Speak At NYU, We Pray For His Creation Of “I’m John Sexton”

Lil B is coming to NYU.

Yes, you read that right. Lil B—the father of the #based hashtag, a “cultural icon,”  and wonton soup connoisseur—will be speaking to us next month, live and in the flesh, on the stage of Kimmel’s Eisner and Lubin auditorium.

It’s difficult to predict the kinds of things Lil B might touch upon in his lecture. His music has introduced us to everything from the weather of foreign countries to the previously unrealized but completely legitimate fear of what to do when faced with a lion that wants to eat your face. In any case, you can bet that the male anatomy will enter the conversation at some point, and maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll give us a reason for why a resemblance to JK Rowling is a good enough to warrant some fellatio.

There’s no mention of a musical performance of any kind, nor any hint as to what Lil B will be discussing (the website for the event is oddly vague), but it does note that this appearance is “rare.” Indeed, he’s seen less frequently than his social media persona would indicate, but the dude does give away most of his music for free, so we can’t really blame him if he decides to take a break from all of that swag and all those pairs of tiny pants.

It’s also possible that he’ll be here at least in part to promote his recently released mixtape, “God’s Father,” a listening experience that Pitchfork recently likened to “being showered with fortune cookies.” If that isn’t reason enough to go see someone speak, then we don’t know what is.

At the very least, you’ll have a story that will make everyone jealous when you head home for the summer. Your friend Greg did four keg stands in one night? Whatever, you heard Lil B talk about ponies in the sunlight. Plus, it only costs $5, which, though it could buy you a whole lot of fortune cookies, will not be nearly as awesome as seeing the guy who compares himself to Bill Clinton because he’s fucking all these bitches. Swag!

WHAT: Lil B’s thoughts, in real time

WHERE: Kimmel Center, Eisner and Lubin auditorium, 4th floor

WHEN: Wednesday, April 11th at 8 PM

YOU NEED: A ticket, which you can get by visiting Ticket Central.