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/ March 26, 2012
NYU Local Presents Young Media Weekend 2012

Join young journalists, bloggers and media enthusiasts from all over the Northeast in New York City for a day of panel discussions on New York media and the changing landscape of journalism.

Last year’s YMW was a lot of fun and this year’s event is set to be even better. On April 21st, we will host two panels — one focusing on the current state of the media in general and one on data journalism  — in NYU’s brand new Center for Spiritual Life. There will be an after party and details are forthcoming.

You need to RSVP for the young media event of the year! Here’s the RSVP for both panels–you can choose one or go to both, but our capacity is limited so snap ’em up.

Get to know the panelists after the jump.

The general panel…

Amy O’Leary is a reporter for the New York Times. Before that, she was deputy news editor at the paper, and before that she was a producer at This American Life. She is now on the “How We Live” team of reporters at the Times, where she is constantly looking for ways to digitally adapt those stories. Amy’s most recent piece, “Everybody Inhale,” is a fascinating look at the question of how many people Manhattan can actually hold.

Dana Goldstein is a contributor to The Nation, Slate, and The Daily Beast. She’s a policy wonk on education and women’s issues. Most notably, she’s written a hugely influential review of “Waiting for Superman.” You can check out her blog here.

Joe Coscarelli is an assistant editor at New York Magazine’s Daily Intel. He also writes for Rookie Mag and is one of the founding editors of NYU Local. He previously worked at The Village Voice where he wrote a cover story about selling heroin online.

Jake Dobkin is the publisher and co-founder of Gothamist. He started it in 2003, so before we were even internet-literate. His personal blog features a lot of great NY photographs.

Ben Smith is the editor in chief of Buzzfeed. He was brought over from Politico where he helped form the site’s voice and style. His move to Buzzfeed confused many, but since his takeover of the site, it has flourished with an impressive roster of new hires and verticals, including the already influential Buzzfeed Politics.

Elizabeth Spiers is the editor of The New York Observer. She is also the founder of Dead Horse Media (the publisher of Dealbreaker) and was the founding editor of Gawker. Her first year as editor of the Observer has been impressive to say the least.

And our data panel…

Al Shaw is a News Applications Developer at ProPublica. Most famously, he’s responisble for building the awesome TPM PollTracker. This article is a great start to getting to know him.

Erik Hinton is the Interactive News Developer at the New York Times. He wrote about the fading legacy of CMS last year for TPM.

Andrei Scheinkman is Interactive News Editor at The Huffington Post. He used to be at the New York Times, where his work included The Guantanamo DocketRepresent and the Times’ election data projects in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Chrys Wu is a journalist, strategist, coder and cook who’s worked with the New York Times, The LA Times, and NPR and its affiliates. She’s also co-organizer of Hacks/Hackers NYC, which brings people together at the intersection of journalism and technology to explore and foster media innovation.